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Tickets: Adults: £8.00, Students/under 18years/Unwaged: £5.00

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An evening with medal winning deaf triathlete Oliver Pritchard

What is deafness?

It is the lack of power of using your own ears to hear and there are 4 different categories within the deafness ‘bracket’ which equates to the level of decibels (Hertz) that you can hear.
Mild, Moderate – You can hear… But not as well as a hearing ’all body’ person and would have a device called hearing aids which basically amplifies what you can hear.  Severe, or Profound – Have very little hearing to none at all therefore needing a device to allow them to hear called a Cochlear Implant.

Oliver falls under the ‘profound’ categories and cannot hear a single thing without his implant…….Which makes his sporting successes as a medal winning triathlete all the more amazing.



Oliver Pritchard

Third place in Standard Distance AG Triathlon European Championship 2022; Third in the 5000m at the Deaf European Athletics Championship in Poland 2023 and then becoming European Champion at the Sprint Distance AG Triathlon European Championship 2023.

Not to mention helping to raise some £300,000 for the Red Nose Charity.

Tonight, Oliver will take you through his story, of the challenges he has faced and overcome and what is next on his agenda.

This is a Talk you really must not miss

Tickets: Adults: £8.00, Students/under 18 years/Unwaged: £5.00

Hearing Loop

The Shed has a hearing loop for all who appreciate a little help hearing the audio systems.

We simply that ask you to bring your own headphones, to use with one of our receivers. You can reserve one by calling the office on 01666 505496.


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