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Led by Bristol’s best dressed drummer, the sixteen piece Big R Big Band are firm favourites with the Bristol swing dance crowd. Frequent performers at the Slapstick and Harbourside festivals, as well as the regular Bristol swing events that happen in the city, Big R can also be found swinging across the rest of the West Country.

Dashing, debonair, dandy and dapper, the classic swing tunes of the 30’s and 40’s are looking, and sounding, pretty damn good.

Drummer Richie Paradise and sax player Richard Thomas combined a shared love of classic swing big band music to put together a new big band based at the Cube Cinema using the soya yoghurt dregs (as opposed to the cream) of the Bristol Jazz scene. The first rehearsal took place in May 2010 and included a disproportionate multiplicity of Richards, hence “Big R Big Band”. Set lists include renditions of classics by the likes of Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, plus a motley collection of others..

Tickets will go on sale nearer the time but bought in advance they will cost £12.00.  On the door on the night they will cost £14.00

Please note that this is an all standing event with a limited supply for chairs for those who might want/need them