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Kaleidoscopic images that will tease and please your mind

Imagine Maurits Cornelis Escher and Hieronymus Bosch being given a camera to do a collaborative project….mind bending mayhem?

Welcome to the second exhibition at Tetbury Goods shed by Mark Fairhurst!

“DECEPTION” is photographic art with a whiff of mathematics. Fascinated by medieval architecture, Mark travelled to many of the UK’s cathedrals and churches building a huge photographic archive.

“I couldn’t help thinking what mere mortals must of thought seeing these huge unworldly buildings for the first time. Living in hovels, people must have thought these incredible buildings were from another planet”.

Religious or not, one cannot ignore the amazing way these buildings were designed and built back then.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 19th September through to and including Saturday 27th October 2018

11am – 3pm


Framed artworks are available to purchase. Unframed works, many of them other than on show, can be ordered using this link:



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