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Certificate 15.  Running time: 2hr 6mins.  Comedy, Drama. Doors open at 7.00 pm

Tickets: £7.00 (plus booking fee)

Based on the comical and moving #1 New York Times bestseller, A Man Called Otto tells the story of Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a grumpy widower who is very set in his ways.

When a lively young family moves in next door, he meets his match in quick-witted and very pregnant Marisol, leading to an unlikely friendship that will turn his world upside-down. Experience a funny, heart-warming story about how some families come from the most unexpected places.


This is a tender story about kindness, the importance of community and an enduring love. Otto is a Swedish American, living in a gated cul de sac, and he is a misanthrope. He spends his days “doing his rounds”, which means telling his neighbours off for parking incorrectly, leaving the gate open, using the dumpster incorrectly (recycling in the wrong place), etc. He is befriended by a pregnant young Mexican woman who is as different from him as it is possible to be. They strike up a friendship due to the young woman’s persistence and the breaking down of the emotional wall Otto has put up. All he wants to do his join his late beloved wife Sonya, and makes several failed attempts to take his own life, try though he might.

There are so many elements to this film, although it isn’t so complicated that the viewer has to work hard to watch it. From being a miserable old git who hates life and has contempt for his neighbours, redemption happens and with the help of his pregnant Mexican neighbour he realises that there are good people, and there is the possibility of a fulfilling life. I don’t want to give away the plot, as it unfolds so beautifully, and this is a lovely, quirky piece of work that I enjoyed immensely.. It is bittersweet as well as joyful, and has something for everyone.

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Tickets: £7.00 (plus booking fee)

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A 15 certificate means… Nobody younger than 15 can buy a 15-rated video, or see a 15-rated film in a cinema.    British Board of Film Classification

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