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Certificate 15 Running time: 2 hr 38mins.  Drama, Music .

PLEASE NOTE: Doors and Bar open 6.30pm – The Film will start at 7.00pm

Tickets: £7.00 (plus booking fee)

Set in the international world of Western classical music, the film centres on Lydia Tár, widely considered one of the greatest living composer-conductors and the very first female director of a major German orchestra.

From writer-producer-director Todd Field comes TÁR, starring Cate Blanchett as Lydia Tár, the ground breaking conductor of a major German Orchestra.

We meet Tár at the height of her career, as she’s preparing both a book launch and much-anticipated live performance of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony. Over the ensuing weeks her life begins to unravel in a singularly modern way.

The result is a searing examination of power, and its impact and durability in today’s society.


During the first minute of this film, Cate Blanchett shows what an extraordinary actress she is. Her character, star conductor Lydia Tár, is waiting to go onstage. There is no dialogue, only body language. But even without words, Blanchett shows what Tár thinks and feels.

Blanchett’s remarkable performance is a large part of what makes this a good movie. But there’s more. The very clever script gives us a lot to chew on afterards. Tár is a woman in the men-dominated world of classical music. She’s not warm, empathic or even very sympathetic. In fact, she has many characteristics that are usually associated with men. She’s vain, selfish and manipulative. And that’s what gets her in trouble. At the start of the film, she seems to be one of the most admired women in the world. She is extremely famous and successful. At the end, everything has fallen apart.

The film doesn’t judge. It leaves it up to the viewer to decide if Lydia Tár is a victim or a culprit. Or maybe both at the same time. The viewer gets a lot of information to make up his (or her) mind. Director Todd Field gives us the story elements slowly, bit by bit. 

Tár is very much a modern movie. It has things to say about gender, about power, about social media, about being woke. But at the same time, it’s a very old-fashioned movie. It takes its time. There are long scenes, and long takes. There’s nothing modern in the way it is filmed. And that’s a good thing.


Because this movie runs for 2 hours and 38 minutes we will be starting at 7.00pm

Doors and Bar open at 6.30pm

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Tickets: £7.00 (plus booking fee)

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A 15 certificate means… Nobody younger than 15 can buy a 15-rated video, or see a 15-rated film in a cinema.    British Board of Film Classification

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