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Advance Tickets £20.00 each (plus booking fee).  Licensed bar. Doors open at 7.00pm

Please note: on the door on the night tickets will cost £24.00

Floyd UK – By Arrangement with The Sounds That History Saved Agency & Hug Live

Some of the best musicians in the UK who have the talent and desire to replicate the music of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon album “LIVE” in the greatest detail possible have been brought together to mark the album’s 50th Anniversary.

The band are dedicated to crafting Pink Floyd’s performances with careful attention to every note, inflection, expression, sound effect, on their instruments and voices. In addition to their refined musical performances, there are amazing visual effects with multimedia, projection and lasers to enhance the live experience.

Also as a bonus the band will be playing an extra 40 minutes of Pink Floyd classics from the albums “Wish You Were Here”, “The Wall” “Animals” album etc.

The band was specially chosen for their unique ability on their instruments and vocalists were chosen for their stunning voices.

Please note that special effects include flashing lights and lasers.


“Do you like Pink Floyd? You should come and see us”

The Pink Floyd UK Band having been in rehearsals for over 12 months to be able to give Floyd fans an unmissable, show stopping and spectacular performance using multimedia, projection and lasers to enhance viewing pleasure.

Right from the off the power is immense, the line up imposing and the stage visually impactive, the singers take to the stage surrounded by the rest of the band, to rapturous applause and they haven’t done anything yet!

The set list is understandably immense. Comfortably Numb is a stand out track here, with its lingering, high as a kite vocal, melodious backing band and wonderful on-screen projections with pin point accuracy. It is just a stunning all round performance, and one that lingers in the senses. A 9-minute song, yet it is over in an instant.

To say it was a spectacle, would be doing the entire production a disservice, the projected images timed perfectly to sync with the music , the passion that the singers exude, the instruments; at times becoming an extension of the performer themselves was nothing short of enthral”

“Beneath a blaze of lights and lasers, backed by a boom of energised electric guitar and the thumping drumbeats, the performers announced their arrival on stage to perform their magnificent representation of Pink Floyd’s iconic 1979 album The Wall in grand style, and never for a moment let the pace slip.

The overall acoustic monumental, but what this ensemble achieve on stage almost defies belief, with an all-round performance of visual and audio brilliance that left the audience gasping and individual outings of such tremendous power and exuberance audiences are more-or-less guaranteed to be out of their seats and yelling for more.

With lights enough dazzling enough to land a fleet of passenger airliners and sound effects of such crystal clarity some were ducking in anticipation of real time explosions, the performers  are a collective of upmost magnificence and their next outing should be widely anticipated, whereas this version of The Wall and more should be acclaimed loud, long and lustfully”.

Facebook:  facebook/vesbimfloyd

Instagram: @pinkfloyd_uk

Twitter: @PinkFloyduk

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