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Tickets: Adults £14.50 each.  Under 25 years £10.00 Licensed bar. Doors open at 7.00pm

During unsettled times, five travellers from distant lands went in search of their destiny. In the imposing mountains soaring high above the bamboo forests of Bristol, they banded together as one unstoppable force, and accepted the calling of the JINGU BANG.

Their free-flowing funk mastery is expressed across the lands through both their own creations and by honouring the works of Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report and others.

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Join them in the earthly realms as they leave no stone unturned in their mission to bring you their irrepressible… funky magic!

Website: https://www.jingubang.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jingubang_f…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JINGU-BANG-4…

Scott Hammond – Weapons: Drums, Cymbals, Gong and Ocarina

Born sometime in the latter half of the 20th Century in the mystical valleys of Bristol, Scott came of age with a fascination of the beating drum. Wishing to unlock his hidden talent, he took his chances with the unrelenting journey north to The Temple of Funk where he was instructed in balance, control, meaning and levitation by the wise and legendary Drum Master Dave Hassell. Scott Hammond jingu seven e1667836112975After years of daily devotion to both new and ancient rhythms, Scott elevated his powers and acquired the coveted Scroll of Enlightenment.

For the following twelve years Scott traversed nature’s heavenly body with a curious company of minstrels known as Jethro Tull under the watchful eye of their overlord Ian Anderson.

Ruth Hammond – Weapons: Vocoder, Talk Box, Tenor Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Synth, Melodica, Tambourine and Ocarina.

Ruth Hammond jingu six e1667836310996The heavens looked down fondly upon Ruth when they bestowed to her the gifts of courage, versatility and invisibility at her birth beneath the Waterfalls of Tranquillity at The Royal Palace of Wootton Bassett. Years later, after completing her training at The Temple of Funk in the northern territories, the variety of her skill set multiplied and surpassed that of her companions.

Dale Hambridge – Weapons: Fender Rhodes, Nord Keyboards, Ocarina

After defeating the demon Shadow Warrior in his homeland of Ancient Bath, Dale was hailed a living legend in his domain. This paved the way for him to successfully pursue his dreams through his training at The Monastry Of Magic. As time passed, he continued to hone his artistry across the wilderness for over two peaceful decades.Dale Hambridge e1667925579863 His boundless powers have brought freedom and success to many through his conquests.

Lisa Cherian – Weapons: Congas, Bongos, Llama’s Toe Nails, Spanner Chimes, Mussel Shell Cluster Shakers, Vibra Slaps, Flexitone, Guiro, Cuica, Hell’s Bells, Sea Pods and Ocarina.

Known for her immeasurable humility and legendary sense of rhythm, Lisa began her life on the eastern side of the world in the revered province of Sydney. However, few know of her rare gift of transformation – sparingly used after it was forbidden across the Empire.Lisa Cherian Jingu four e1667836416196

Her seven-year journey to the west, through the locust storms, was a test of endurance that few travellers would survive. After a long rest she settled into her new life and stumbled upon fortune when she procured a plentiful assortment of belongings at the cost of 300 bungas from a Shaolin monk. It later transpired that the goods were enchanted and not only served to protect her but were weapons of funk that served as the ultimate channel of expression for her undulating rhythms. Her destiny was sealed.

Greig Robinson – Weapons: Electric bass

In AD 425, Greig emanated from the Spirit Caverns of the Northern Kingdom (Perth, Scotland) and was born immortal. After 13 years he became inspired by his own clan’s zealous pursuits and embraced the low rumbles of the earth, harnessing their power with his bare hands.Greig Robinson

He later began the long, perilous journey south, continuing his training in The Temple of Funk. After 21 years in these regions his training had long been complete, but his journey was far from over. Further south he travelled through treacherous lands of tormented demons and the unrelenting beasts of the midlands, finally settling in the sheltered valleys of Bristol.

With infinite years ahead of him Greig has accepted the calling of the Jingu Bang and his odyssey continues… to remain fervently focused on bringing funk to the mortals forever.


“This was an enjoyable and energetic set featuring a raft of classic fusion material, plus one or two unexpected and very pleasing surprises. It was certainly very well received by an enthusiastic audience and the event proved to be a very successful [post pandemic] return to the live circuit for Jingu Bang.” The Jazz Mann (Ian Mann) Brecon Jazz Festival – 2021

“Given the line-up of mostly familiar faces it was unsurprising to find Jingu Bang was a well-oiled machine delivering the impeccable grooves their repertoire demanded. The dominance of Herbie Hancock numbers meant that keyboard player Dale Hambridge could have a lot of fun, whether percussively chopping out classic flanged wah-wah chords or letting his right hand run riot with Fender Rhodes solos. Alongside him bass player Greig Robinson offered absolute reliability, with Ruth Hammond’s tenor sax stretching out the melodic ideas to usher in an emphatic solo from drummer Scott Hammond.

Lisa Cherian’s congas provided the atmospheric undertow that had been adding an Afro-Latin flavour throughout the evening, giving the whole sound some real distinction.” Tony Benjamin (B24/7) The BeBop Club, Bristol – 2022

Photo credit:  Ron Milsom

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