John Andrews — Exhibition — Mysterious Patterns, the Accidental Art of Prime Numbers

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Mysterious Patterns – the accidental art of prime numbers

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 1st September through to Sunday 10th October 2021. Opening times are 11-4pm Wednesdays through Sundays. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Mysterious Patterns – the accidental art of prime numbers

John Andrews is a mathematical physicist living in Tetbury. He was formerly a research scientist in the electricity supply industry and later lectured at Bristol and Oxford Universities. He is a joint author of the student textbook ‘Energy Science’ with Nick Jelley; the 4th edition is due out in November. He discovered these remarkable images by accident, while searching for patterns in the sequence of prime numbers.

John Andrews

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Mathematicians have been studying prime numbers for thousands of years, but nobody has yet found a formula to predict them. Believe it or not, banks use prime numbers to protect your account every time you use a cash machine.

Whatever you think about mathematics, come and enjoy this feast of visual delights!

John will give a talk about these images, and the fascinating history of prime numbers, in the Goods Shed on 6th October.

Warning: There are occasions when the main hall is closed for a performance or private event. In order to avoid any disappointment we recommend you check availability, especially if travelling any distance. Thank you

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