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Open Daily between 11am and 3pm from 1 April to 13 May

Free entry

The Goods Shed Tetbury are very proud to be holding an extremely special photographic exhibition by the renowned Cotswold-based photographer, Mark Fairhurst.

Mark has photographed some of the most recognised people on the planet.  This will be the first time he has shown some of his extensive portraiture collection.

From 1 April, for six weeks, you will be in the photographic “presence” of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles Prince of Wales, Countess Bathurst, Alex James, Keith Allen, Raymond Blanc, Sir James Dyson, Julian Lloyd Webber, Kevin McCloud — in fact probably the largest collection of famous names you will see in one place at any one time!

“Brief Encounters” displays images taken on a one-to-one basis, often only with a short time to prepare the set on location.

“It’s a challenge to create a relaxed atmosphere other than in a studio,” says Mark.

“I would never have thought that I would be in front of so many famous people in my career.  Five per cent photographer, 95 per cent psychologist is a requirement in my job, I quickly learnt”

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