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A Closer look …… with Fiona James

The latest in our series of talks, the idea being to encourage a more questioning approach to an artist or a work of art, even if the artist is quite familiar.

A Closer Look………………at Spaces with Meaning – the domestic interior in painting

Paintings of domestic interiors became popular with Dutch painters in The Golden Age of Dutch Art in the 17th century, but they are not the only painters to have been interested in representing this subject.

This talk looks in detail at the changing ways in which interiors have been represented in Western art. Paintings of interiors, peopled or empty, can be read as expressions of faith, status, taste and wealth. Clues to interpreting the meanings implied by the interior and figures within it are often conveyed by the decor and objects in the room.

More recently in the 19th and 20th centuries both men and women painted pictures which focus on the domestic space, and which include still life, furnishings, portraits of family and friends and views through doorways and windows, all of which can suggest underlying meanings

Gilman resized

Henry Gilman – Edwardian Interior 1907

the pink studio 1911 resized

Henri Matisse – In the Pink Studio 1911

About a Closer Look

In our series of “a Closer Look…..” the aim is to take a longer, slower look at paintings and artists followed by a bit of time at the end of the presentation when members of the audience are invited to contribute their own observations or questions.

We hope you will join Fiona James for the latest of our Closer Looks at art this year.

Tickets: Individual Adults £8. Students and under 18 years £5

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