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Tickets: Individual £8. Table for two £16. Table for four £32.

A Closer look …… with Fiona James

The latest in our series of talks, the idea being to encourage a more questioning approach to an artist or a work of art, even if the artist is quite familiar.

A Closer Look at …. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of The Grande Jatte 1884 – 1886 by Georges Seurat.

Seurat was an artist who was working in Paris in the period known as La Belle Époque. Like The Impressionists, Seurat wanted to paint contemporary life but he didn’t use Impressionist techniques. Why did he think Impressionism was no longer appropriate and why did he develop a new painting technique, (known variously as Pointillism, Neo-Impressione or Divisionism) to paint this monumental painting of Parisian figures at leisure on an island in The Seine?

It took Seurat nearly 2 years to complete and features over 40 figures. Who are these types and why do they appear to be socially distancing?

seurat georges c face 2 half

Georges Seurat

About a Closer Look

In our series of “a Closer Look…..” the aim is to take a longer, slower look at paintings and artists followed by a bit of time at the end of the presentation when members of the audience are invited to contribute their own observations or questions.

We hope you will join Fiona James for the first of our Closer Looks at art in 2022

Tickets: Individual £8. Table for two £16. Table for four £32.

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