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A Closer look……………….with Fiona James

The first of a series of talks, the idea being to encourage a more questioning approach to an artist or a work of art, even if the artist is quite familiar.

The first talk will take a longer look at a painting by the seventeenth century Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer.  The painting is entitled The Art of Painting.

johannes vermeer 1

The subject of the painting is an artist painting his female model. At first glance there is nothing very unusual about that but the more we look at the painting the more intriguing it becomes as we wonder about the relationship between the artist and the model and then when we learn that Vermeer kept this painting with him for the rest of his life we have to assume it was very special to him. What did this painting mean to Vermeer?

Vermeer never gave an explanation but if we look closely at what is in the painting and think about the way it has been painted and what the artist has focused on then perhaps we can come up with some possible answers.

About a Closer Look

So in A Closer Look the aim is to take a longer, slower look at the painting followed by a bit of time at the end of the presentation when members of the audience are invited to contribute their own observations or questions.

We hope you will join Fiona James in the first of the Closer Looks at art.

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