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Just off the map

Presented by Giles Darkes

Maps are attractive, graphical summaries of the world, and without them we’d be lost. But there’s always more to a map than meets the eye, and a detailed map is the result of many decisions made by the cartographer.

What the cartographer has left out may be as important as what has been put in. In his talk, Giles will be looking at why maps might be considered a useful, agreed set of lies.

Giles Darkes was formerly Senior Lecturer in Cartography at Oxford Brookes University. He now works as a freelance cartographic editor, having worked on the Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire, and the Atlas of the World’s Languages.

He is the Cartographic Editor for the Historic Towns Trust, producing historical maps and atlases of a range of British towns.

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Giles Darkes

Tickets: Individual Adults £8. Under 18 years £5

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