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Free entry. The exhibition is general open from 11am to 3pm Wednesdays through Sundays although we do recommend you check if you are coming from a distance

Immunity II : Obsolete is a drawing over eight panels that wraps around the shed.

Using compressed charcoal on primed paper, the narrative of which hints at contours of land emerging or submerging in to a leaden sea, it is in monochrome, yet, the carbon material it is drawn with has a richness of tonality that is enhanced by the hand-applied and smudged methodology.

Whilst visually the land-based contours of these atolls of high peaks and low lying lands appear hard, the idea behind this piece comes from an educationally-linked narrative and one linked to Simon Packard’s work on Art Foundation Courses for many years.

This life-affirming and transformative year for students preparing for higher education is under threat from funding cuts to further education due to it being a Level 3 Course. Yet it remains a pedagogical model of artistic and personal learning that is accepted world wide.

Simon said:

“This constantly-changing landscape of funding and the question of whether this this course will survive prompted me to try and visualise this time of unease.

“Whether I have achieved it, and whether making this work has helped me to deal with change, is probably even more important. ‘Draw it’, a friend said to me when I told of possible threat to teaching and Art Foundation in Stroud.

“I did and I’m glad I did. It brought me back into a world of charcoal all over my hands. Same as it was after I discovered charcoal on my own Art Foundation 39 years ago.”

Further details appertaining to this project, and studio photography of the development of this set of drawings, will be revealed at an Artist Talk on Sunday 22 July at 2pm.