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A fun and challenging way to spend your Summer, learn new and amazing skills you never thought you could do.

Circus skills: tightrope, juggling, walking globe, hula hooping, balancing, spinning plates, group floor acrobatics and more.

Morning Session only   10-12 pm for 5 to 12 year olds

£16 a session with discounts available for siblings

Please book online through www.schooloflarks.com using the following link Please click here to book tickets

More about School of Larks A rural-based school of circus arts

Their team of performers and teachers is based in rural Gloucestershire.  School of Larks currently provides both structured classes and training in circus skills for all ages in Stroud, Nailsworth and the surrounding areas.

They run classes, workshops, parties and events for both adults and children. Our team’s inclusive experience with all aspects of circus means they can bring to you static trapeze, aerial silks, hoop, rope, unicycle, juggling (diabolo, scarves, devil sticks, poi etc) balancing, hula hooping, yoga and floor partner acrobatics (acrobalance).

School of Larks is very interested in the educational and creative possibilities of aerial and other circus disciplines and the benefits they provide for self-esteem, coordination, autonomy, strength, flexibility and self-control. Working closely as a group cultivates mutual respect and understanding, a key skill regardless of age. The variety of skills in circus allows each individual the opportunity to find their interests and their passions. Aerial and other circus skills provide a combination of sport and art so may be considered an  important educational tool.

Classes will always involve yoga based warm ups, to ensure that all students are aware of the importance of a safe and healthy use of their bodies.

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