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Charles Clover – Rewilding the Sea

Tickets: £7.50 (plus booking fee)

Big Book Weekend: Charles Clover – Rewilding the Sea

Beneath the waves are rolling seagrass plains, underwater meadows and kelp forests. Ocean rewilding is now considered to be as vital as on land due to due to the ocean’s ability to store ‘blue carbon’ in these habitats. Sea trawling and rising sea temperatures have led to vanishing species and underwater deserts, but what happens when we step aside and let nature repair the damage we have caused?

Join Charles Clover, leading environmental journalist, co-founder and executive director of The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), for a fascinating discussion about the ecological potential of rewilding our seas and oceans.

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Tickets: £7.50 (plus booking fee)


Buy ticket/s for all five events on Saturday  and receive discount (applied at checkout)

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