Afternoon Tea Concerts at the Goods Shed

Welcome to our latest afternoon tea concert of 2022 and this week we invite you to join Oggie Hogg + Shirley Day (pianist), Charles Prince (saxophonist)

Cyrano (12A)

Too self-conscious to woo Roxanne himself, wordsmith Cyrano de Bergerac helps young Christian win her heart through love letters.

Alistair McGowan – the piano show

Alistair McGowan - The Piano Show - The classical concert you’ve always wanted to see - a unique mix of classic comedy and classical music

Stars and Sails – Childrens Theatre

Explore the power and vulnerability of the sea through songs, sights and stories! Listen to global folk tales and music. Enjoy world history and join our global quest to protect our oceans with ancient storytelling and marine detritus puppetry and design. Family Fun for all

Playtime 2022

Join Sidney & Tristan from The Last Baguette for a fun, relaxed participatory theatre session. There’ll be silliness, play-acting, games and music........ Expect to play, move, watch and laugh.

Afternoon Tea Concerts at the Goods Shed

Welcome to our latest afternoon tea concert and this week we invite you to join the Eclectic String Brand performing alongside the Corinium Quartet for a wonderful afternoon of music

Jazz on the weekend

Jazz at the weekend -- a free event for everyone - starting at 1.30pm come along and enjoy some great music from James Morton Groove Den, The London Django Collective together with the Dave Newton Trio


Trish Claridge – Fiesta

Fiesta - from artist Trish Claridge. The incredible beauty of the bold, yet often delicate forms, found in the garden of her new home, drew her to paint large floral works using the drama of the play of light and shadows as her inspiration.

The Duke (12A)

In 1961, Kempton Bunton, a 60 year old taxi driver, steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London.

Comedy Club at the Goods Shed

Settle into Summer in the company of some of the finest, and funniest, stand-up comedians from the UK comedy circuit, featuring Matt Green, Kate Lucas and Matt Stellingwerf!  


Sir William Romney’s School – Summer Exhibition

The students of Sir William Romney's School enjoy creating Art. The subject offers them an opportunity to exercise their creativity whilst gaining valuable life skills and benefitting from the positive mental health aspects. The Sir William Romney's School Art Exhibition gives you a taste of all of the projects students have worked on this year


Sandra Chin – Ephemeral Landscape

Ephemeral Landscapes with local artist Sandra Chin. This exhibition examines the effect time and the elements have on the landscape and also the dynamics and tensions between humanity and nature

Shed Piano Club 2022

Our latest afternoon piano club at the Goods Shed offering the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful music from accomplished performers which enjoying a little light refreshment from our Cafe.


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