Merilyn Brason

merlyn brason portrait

Merilyn’s exhibition “Seascapes” will run at the Goods Shed between 19th May and 27th June 2021

Merilyn paints seascapes, skyscapes, and waves using the medium of oil paints. She lives and paints in an old stone cottage between Cirencester and Stroud, a hundred light years away from the sea in all its moods and beauty.

One of her earliest memories is of the smell of paint, the almost-tangible air of concentration and the magic of watching images appear from paper as she watched her mother studying Chinese art under a traditional Chinese tutor in Beijing where the family lived when she was a young girl.

Her parents’ extensive travels meant Merilyn spent time in countries and landscapes from China to Africa and the weald of Kent.

Her passion for the sea materialised in her early teens when the family moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands and that “world of cliffs, rocks, sand and the endless ceaselessly fascinating rhythm of the sea”.

Talking about her method, Merilyn says: “The power and movement of waves that so attract me make it almost impossible for me to paint them in their natural setting so I rely on photographs and memory.

“Calm still waters present different problems, but I can at least work more on the spot which is exhilarating. I paint my dramatic seascapes in my studio, drawing on a combination of memory, photographs and imagination, and constantly seek to paint that fleeting moment to be caught once and held forever.”

See more of Merlyn’s work at her website, Her studio is open for visitors with prior notification by telephone on 01452 770754.

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