Greening Tip of the Month

March 12th, 2024|

Greening Tip of the month All about growing flowers in our gardens to form roads /corridors for bees to travel along from one nectar rich habitat to another - hopefully pollinating useful things on the

Greening tip of the month

February 16th, 2024|

Reduce micro plastics from your washing machine Problem 35% of microplastics are shed from washing textiles such as: Polyester, acrylic and polymide - all synthetics shed plastic in the wash. Cotton, wool and bamboo are

Greening Tip – January

January 29th, 2024|

Greening Tetbury's Tips for January - declutter sustainably Declutter your wardrobe Still wearing it - keep it Needing attention - fix it Doesnt Fit - Charity Shop/Swap Hate it - move it on 10 Things

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