Enjoy and support Ninebarrow!

Live at 7pm on Saturday 6 June.
Watch the concert here or on your television

Jon and Jay have put on two streamed concerts since the pandemic began, and this will be their third. If you’ve watched, you’ll doubtless have been struck by the wonderful sense of community each evening generated.

Jon says: “People all over the world have been joining us here in our dining room. All coming together for an evening of music. All chatting, posting photos, jokes, emojis.. All of us ‘together’, even though we must also be apart during these strange times. We can’t think of a much better way to spend an evening, to be honest!”

How to watch

To watch on your PC, tablet or phone, just come back to this page at 7pm on Saturday to watch the live stream.

To watch on a smart TV that has the YouTube app installed, go to it and type “Ninebarrow live stream” into the search bar to find the concert.

If you prefer to tune in via Facebook, then click here.

Or simply go to their livestream page at ninebarrow.co.uk/live. That’s also the place to go for helpful tips from Jon and Jay if you have any problems viewing the stream.

Show your support for Ninebarrow and the Goods Shed

If you’d like to show your appreciation to Ninebarrow for the time, care and effort they put into these concerts, there are several ways you can do so. A great way is to go to their donations page where you can send them money directly or/and buy their music (as CDs or downloads), T-shirts, walking books and greetings cards.

Or you can support both Ninebarrow and the Goods Shed in this very hard time for performers and venues by sending a donation via the form on this page. Half your donation will go to Jon and Jay and half to keeping the Goods Shed going so that hopefully we can all come together on 31 October for the Ninebarrow Band’s next live gig in Tetbury!