Simon Packard MA RCA talks about his desire to create a “drawing of sorts” bespoke to the Goods Shed—the place and its wall spaces—and how he developed the narrative for his large scale artwork, Immunity, on display in the Goods Hall until 28 August.

He has written: “I wanted to make work for the Goods Shed where the materials used played a heightened role, engineering an acknowledgement of why it was that way. Was there a nod embedded—hidden even— to trains, the metal, rough, industrial surfaces, noises, smells and sonic landscape of engines going here and there? Going somewhere sparked ‘Immunity  – and Italy was that place. Something happened to my drawing practice whilst there.”

Come to his free talk  Immunity – Pantone-Pompeii-Goods Shed: The Graphite Line at the Shed on Tuesday 25 July, starting at 6.30, to learn what happened.

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