Angie Spencer

We are hugely looking forward to Angie Spencer’s exhibition, “The Art of Listening – Paintings Inspired by Music“, at the Goods Shed during September. Our virtual gallery, below, previews some of the works Angie will be showing. Open the images to find out which musical work provided the inspiration for each one.

Born in Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, Angie lives and works in Stroud. She paints mainly in oils, but also enjoys making work using drawing techniques in charcoal, mixed media and graphite. Primarily interested in expressing the landscape, she would categorise her work as Contemporary Romantic Landscape.

Her other main love is classical music. She has played violin since the age of 10, and currently leads the Stroud Symphony Orchestra and plays in the Capriol Chamber Orchestra as well as in chamber groups.

Music often informs her work, and many of her landscape pieces are direct responses to classical music – often pieces she is playing in the orchestra, or learning from the solo repertoire with her teacher.

“My method for responding to music is to listen to a piece and wait for colours, moods and images to arise in my artistic imagination. I draw on the information I have gathered in sketches during plein air expeditions.

“The act of seeing and drawing has become the usual technical starting point for my paintings. There is something magical in making a drawing in situ – travelling to the site often by bike or on foot.

“Even if it the drawing is not completely accurate, my intention starts to becomes manifest, and I take ownership of what I am seeing.

“This process completely changes the quality of the finished painting (which I work up in the studio) in a way that working from a photograph never can. In this respect I look back to the methods of the great Romantic painters, Constable, Turner and Delacroix.

“When I am at the painting stage I have a discipline that I only apply paint if I am actually listening to the piece in question. It is important for me to stay immersed in the energy of the music – it is as though it has a particular frequency which is not my own but that of the composer and I don’t want to impose extraneous ideas on the finished work.”

Angie has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking from the University of Cheltenham (2004). Her work has been exhibited at Hadfield Fine Art and Little Buckland Gallery.

In 2016 she was awarded an artist’s residency at the Old Parcels Office in Scarborough, and in 2018 a residency at Cill Rialaig Arts Centre in Co. Kerry.

Find out more about her work at: 
Facebook: AngieSpencerPaintings        Instagram: angiespencerpaintings

Click on a gallery image for a slideshow with a bigger view and to see the musical inspiration behind each painting