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Blue Hues with Chloe Pinheiro and Laura Richard

Free admission

An exhibition by two artists inspired by the natural elements.  Painting in a harmonious, intuitive flow, they depict both the peace and power of the coastal forces.  Colourful, textural, layered painting filled with light, reflection and wonderment.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday 21st February   through to and including Sunday 31st March 2024.   Opening times are 10-4pm Wednesdays through Sundays. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays and occasionally for other events in the main hall – we recommend you call first if travelling a distance to avoid disappointment.  


Warning: There are occasions when the main hall is closed for a performance or private event. In order to avoid any disappointment we recommend you check availability, especially if travelling any distance. Thank you

Chloe Pinheiro


Chloe Pinheiro is a British artist based in Wiltshire, who works with free-flowing movement, to create textured and colourful abstract
pieces inspired by nature.

Using a unique and multi-layered technique, Chloe adds texture and depth to her paintings giving them organic vivacity. Her recent work is a collection of paintings focused on natural water sources, in particular the geological surroundings and weather patterns that impact the flow of water. By capturing areas of light and shade refracted through the water’s surface, Chloe draws the viewer into the uncompromising energy, elegant forms and unyielding motion of nature’s tidal strength.

For more information on current pieces or commissions please contact Chloe: www.chloepinheiro.com, @chloepinheiroart

Laura Richards

About Laura Richards

My paintings provide a calming space to contemplate, a chance to slow down and lose yourself, in a world familiar yet unknown. Atmospheric oil paintings inspired by the natural elements, subtle suggestion, and memories.

I create instinctively, allowing time to play and work to develop organically, it’s all about the power of the process. Starting with gestural mark making, pouring, later building up layers of oil paint, forming shapes of abstracted land and sea and finally refining. Softening, blending, or ‘buffing’, creating delicate line, patterns of the water.

Working from my Wiltshire Garden studio, a place to ponder and immerse in painting.

For more information or to discuss a commission:  www.lauramrichards.co.uk  @lauramrichards.art

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