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Climate Change Solutions
Why we need them, what they are and how we can pay for them

This will be a wide ranging presentation on the damage that Climate Change is causing and likely to cause in the future without urgent and radical interventions.

Examples of these interventions will be given and a cost analysis on how they will be paid for

Dave Waltham is Professor of Geophysics at Royal Holloway, University of London. His talk will discuss why climate change is real, serious and manmade but also cover what we can do to help tackle this issue fairly and effectively.

He is author of “Lucky Planet” a book about the 4.5 billion year history of Earth’s Climate. He was also, until recently, director of an MSc in Petroleum Geology.

He now campaigns vigorously for the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and was an observer for CCL at the COP26 Climate Talks in Glasgow.

Professor Dave Waltham

This Talk is brought to the Shed in conjunction with Greening Tetbury

Tickets: Individual Adults £8. Under 18 years £5

Advance booking

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