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traditional and original music played on acoustic and electric instruments

At the top of the English Ceilidh scene for the last 25 plus years, although they have changed their name, The Ironmasters are one of the most influential English ceilidh bands who play their own brand of traditional music and original compositions with a distinctive style.

Led by melodeon and saxophone with guitar, bass and drums, and spicing it with harmonica, The Ironmasters provide a varied sound that is great for dancing, or listening to.

Ironmasters were formed in 1986 by musicians of the border Morris and north west dance teams.  The Ironman and Severn Gilders from Ironbridge in Shropshire, after they stood at the back of  a Ceilidh with their arms folded saying to themselves “We could do that……” 30 years later with a few changes they still are!

“We are all enthused by the name Ironmasters as it fully links with our roots with the Ironmen and Severn Gliders and the founder members of the band all lived in Broseley, just above Ironbridge which was the home town of John Wilkinson who, in the late 1700’s was the ‘other’ Ironmaster to Abraham Darby. He was responsible for a large amount of the development of iron processes and sold his shares in the Ironbridge when Darby was awarded the contract to build it.”

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Nick and Baz are founder members [1986] and Alistair joined in 1988 after Devious Roots [formed from The Carbolic Smokeball Company] stopped gigging.

Paul Havel was the founding melodeon player  and Lisa joined when Paul left in 1995. Mel Biggs played melodeon for us in 2013/14 after Lisa called it a day, and Ed Beasant became our lead melodeon player at the start of 2015.

Ian Gill and Ken Speller were the original guitarists and Dave Baker started playing when Ian left, with Squirrel replacing Ken. Phil Speight played bass before Ray, and after a brief stint by John Shepherd on keyboard, Bill replaced Dave on guitar, and for those years brought in singing for dances, with Steev replacing Bill on guitar when Bill retired in the Spring of 2016.

When the band was formed everyone lived within I mile of each other in Broseley, Shropshire, on the southern hill of the Ironbridge Gorge. Now we are a little more spread apart – 3 in Shropshire and 3 in Cheshire – but we are still firmly a ‘borders band’ – Welsh borders that is!

Advance tickets for this wonderful night of music and dance cost just £11.00

On the door on the night they will cost £12.50


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