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CUT TO THE CHASE  – an exhibition of woodcut prints and oil paintings by Nat Morley.

Running from Wednesday 2nd October 2019 through to and including Sunday 3rd November 2019 (excluding Mondays and Tuesdays).

The Goods Shed occasionally closes to the public for private events so we do suggest you check if coming from a distance.

Nat Morley MA Oxon – in her own words…………………

My work reflects a passionate interest in the natural world. I like to depict creatures with a bit of ‘attitude’ and aim to create bold, lively images. I see my work as a celebration of my love for wildlife and try to capture a feeling of movement, vitality and humour in my pictures.

I have specialised in relief printmaking and carve my blocks out of MDF using lino cutting tools. I print them individually using the back of a spoon and lots of elbow grease. I often spend hours, even days preparing the blocks to achieve layers of different colours and shades of ink.

I also love painting in oils on large canvasses and have done many commissions of still lifes and portraits.

Nat Morley  studied geography at St. John’s College, Oxford. She was always been interested in both the sciences and humanities and this subject embraced them all. A child of the era of ‘Live Aid’ she  envisaged myself working for one of the big charities like Oxfam and a degree in geography was the perfect grounding. Nat had an amazing time researching my dissertation on Aboriginal land rights. She even lived with a wonderful aboriginal community at Barrel Well Reserve in Western Australia which for her was a life changing experience and they still keep in touch. Her dissertation gained a first class and she also was awarded the college geography prize.

After gaining her degree Nat decided to go back to the drawing board – literally!  “Art was always something I had done. The walls of my student digs in Oxford were covered with my drawings. Encouraged by friends I took an access course in art at Stroud College while supporting myself with a variety of jobs. Having completed the course I established myself as an artist with the help of a substantial grant and loan from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust. “

“I exhibit in many galleries and have many designs published. I am a member of the Cotswold Craftsmen and we do many shows including the RHS Spring and Autumn gardening shows at Malvern. We also have a gallery in which my work is permanently on display in Nailsworth. Our website is www.cotswold-craftsmen.org. My studio is at Hallidays Mill in Chalford, Stroud and includes an exhibition space which I share with my friend and colleague Hazel Morris who is a silversmith and jeweller. We also invite other artists from the mill to exhibit here and have called it the Barking Dog Gallery. “

A Proud mum of twin daughters, Emily and Mimi, born in 2001 and they have three cats – Scampi, Squid and Smudge. They live in Tetbury and enjoy playing lots of musical instruments and singing. Emily is lead singer of an Indie/Punk band called ‘Bones Like That’ – do look them up on You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify – and Nat is a chorister in Tewkesbury Abbey choir.