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Support the boys, their band and the Goods Shed by buying a E-Ticket to Ninebarrow Band’s two-hour online extravaganza! Tickets £14 single & £28 family

Tetbury Goods Shed and Ninebarrow Concert Partnership

This is the band gig that Ninebarrow would have put on at the Goods Shed during their 2020 spring tour … if it hadn’t had to be cancelled because of you-know-what.

Now you can watch the ‘band show’ that never was via an online partnership that supports both the band and the Goods Shed – as well as providing you with great entertainment of course!

Essentially, nearly all the proceeds from every E-ticket bought through the links on this page will go to the band. But being the lovely, generous people they are, they will give back a portion to help the Arts Centre project as well.

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About the concert

Filmed live at Lighthouse Poole, with full theatrical lighting, there will be brand new songs from their upcoming album and stunningly realised arrangements of some old favourites.

The duo are joined by cellist and long-term collaborator, Lee MacKenzie, as well as the extraordinary talent of John Parker on double bass and Evan Carson on percussion.

There’s a world of difference between a Ninebarrow online show and the kind of blurry pictures and tinny sound you’d expect from a social media video clip. They broadcast in full HD video with studio quality sound and if you have a smart TV, Fire stick or similar, you can watch the show in HD on your living room TV just like any HD TV broadcast.

Ninebarrow’s online gigs during the outbreak have demonstrated what accomplished and simply wonderfully enjoyable entertainers they are. An evening with the duo isn’t just an evening of great music – it’s also a night of history, folklore, and storytelling.

‘The best thing to come out of lockdown by far!’

‘I think many in the music industry could learn a lot from what you’ve done’

‘Your online concerts have been one of the pleasures of lockdown’

‘I felt like you were in the room playing for us’

December’s show comes complete with a live introduction broadcast from their HQ in Dorset and a live Q&A from Jon and Jay after the show. It promises to be a night to remember!

Visit the concert page on Ninebarrow’s site for a full FAQ about the event and to buy your ticket. Here are the answers to a couple of common questions.

How to watch

An e-Ticket will allow you and anyone in your household to watch the concert live on their phone, tablet, laptop or compatible Smart TV, or to catch-up at any point 7 days after the original broadcast. So that if you’re not able to watch on the night or heaven forbid, your internet goes down, you’ll still be able to enjoy the full show.

Once you’ve purchased an e-Ticket, Ninebarrow will email you an access code and a link to a webpage on which you’ll be able to watch the concert when it goes live. They will also send you detailed ‘how-to’ guides on things like ‘How you can watch on your smart TV’.

Which platforms will the concert be broadcasting on?

​The show will be broadcasting on Ninebarrow’s website platform and also on YouTube. Please note, their concerts are not available to watch on Facebook anymore, as sadly, the platform doesn’t offer the ability to broadcast private videos. However, for people who want to chat with other members of the Facebook ‘Barrow Bods Group’ during the show, they’ll be starting a chat thread on the day for anyone who wants to interact in that way.


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