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Tickets: Adults £12.50 – and £10.00 for under 25 years of age

booking fee applies

Sun & Moon Theatre are delighted to be performing at Tetbury Goods Arts Centre with a vibrant, emotional, and bold open-air production of Shakespeare’s most popular drama of star-crossed lovers and warring families. The feud between the Montagues and Capulets has been reimagined as a rivalry between two family-run movie studios in the 1930s.
Touted as the studio’s latest ‘Golden Couple’, Juliet, the current ‘Girl Next Door’ has been matched up with matinee idol, Paris. Former child star, Romeo, is initially besotted by studio ‘It Girl’ Rosaline, until he falls for Juliet at the Capulets’ premiere after-party. Their lives controlled by this turbulent industry and period, Juliet and Romeo find joy, solace and excitement in their hasty romance, a desire for something true in an artificial world, and most of all, a hope for a better future. But comedy meets tragedy as fate has other ideas for them; behind the glitz and glamour of the film industry lies dark secrets and insecurities, and when their defiant union faces great opposition, it leads to violence, chaos, and despair.

Suitable for all ages, join us on a summer’s night for the world’s most famous love story, featuring live music, fights, humour, and tears, as we explore the love and conflict between friends, families, and couples, that still rings true today.

Please note:  this is an outside performance so please do bring your own rugs and cushions to sit on.  In the event of inclement weather then we will be moving into the Main Hall


Based in the South West, Sun & Moon Theatre specialise in Shakespeare, intensive solo work, ensemble practice and working with Quarto and First Folio scripts as a springboard to our actors’ development. Producing indoor productions, open-air productions, workshops and one-to-one sessions

Their aim is to:

– Make Shakespeare for all  – Breaking down barriers that put audiences (young and old) off Shakespeare  – Making Shakespeare’s works relevant and accessible by creating detailed theatrical concepts  – Exploring and playing with text and asking ‘Why this play now?’  -– Embracing the actor-audience relationship and adapting to a range of audiences and spaces  – Embracing the significance of process as well as performance, valuing our ensemble and the collaborative nature of rehearsal  –  – Entertaining and inviting the audience to share in brilliant stories, text and characters that have stood the test of time

Tickets: Adults £12.50 – and £10.00 for under 25 years of age

booking fee applies

Hearing Loop

The Shed has a hearing loop for all who appreciate a little help hearing the audio systems.

We simply that ask you to bring your own headphones, to use with one of our receivers. You can reserve one by calling the office on 01666 505496.


Please note:  Identification may be asked for to prove eligibility for any concessions.

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