This Saturday sees the official re-opening of the Tetbury Branch Line Signal Box! For many years the signal box has been in the Derbyshire garden of Stephen Randolph. Stephen, as a child, used to live opposite the old station and is a railway enthusiast, writing the definitive book on the Tetbury Branch Line. He will be the one to cut the tape at its official re-opening at 11 on Saturday morning to the accompaniment of the Swindon Brass Band!


Stephen always promised that if he moved house Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre, now the only original remaining building on the site, could have the signal box back. So at the end of last year David Walker and a band of helpers drove to Barlow to deconstruct the building, load it onto a vehicle and drive it back to Tetbury. Once there the laborious task of re-building began. It’s been a labour of love but now the signal box and its actual signal are back in all their glory by the restored railway carriage behind the Goods Shed.