Talk: Unravelling the double helix

In our March 'Shed Talk', drawing on material from his new book, Professor Gareth Williams tells the story of unravelling the double helix and the discovery of DNA

Talk: Unravelling the double helix2019-10-28T14:44:43+00:00

Talk: Steve Russell Mountains of the Moon

Steve Russell's childhood passion has led him into an award-winning career as a versatile professional photographer of portraits, landscapes, interiors and works of art. In his talk at the Goods Shed he will explain how the high and remote mountains in Africa opened up a whole new vista.

Talk: Steve Russell Mountains of the Moon2019-10-28T14:19:50+00:00

London to Broadway & Back

For our October 'Shed Talk', We have invited Judith Dimant to talk about her years as producer for one of the world's most renowned touring theatre companies and explain how a small piece of work that starts in the subsidised sector can end up on Broadway.

London to Broadway & Back2019-10-28T14:18:01+00:00

Talk: Winston Churchill’s life through animals

For September's Shed Talk, Dr Piers Brendon, author of Churchill's Bestiary - will talk about Winston Churchill and his conflicting feelings for and involvement with all kinds of animals, as an owner of many pets while yet a keen hunter of 'game'.

Talk: Winston Churchill’s life through animals2019-08-09T17:26:49+00:00

Talk: Global Warming

July's Shed Talk invites John Andrews to explain the causes, the technological solutions available to mitigate the effects and the changes to lifestyle this will bring about.

Talk: Global Warming2019-06-15T09:27:36+00:00

Talk: Treasures of the Royal Collection of Art

For June's Shed talk Oliver Everett CVO, Librarian Emeritus of the Royal Library, Windsor Castle discusses the Royal Collection of Art and selects some of the finest examples to demonstrate the range and magnificence of the items within it

Talk: Treasures of the Royal Collection of Art2019-05-25T14:27:58+00:00

Talk: Class Act- Jazz Forum

In Aprils 'Shed Talk' meet Class Act who are four seasoned jazz musicians who will be discussing the basic elements of jazz, while playing examples from their own repertoire

Talk: Class Act- Jazz Forum2019-03-21T17:26:58+00:00