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The quality of Englishness is what strikes one first about Peter Unsworth’s paintings: dream-like happenings which inhabit the borderlands of memory, between sleeping and waking, of the actual and the imagined.  But to call them narrative pieces or literary expositions in colour would be inappropriate since they are never explicit; figures anonymous yet unnervingly recognisable are frozen in some rarified moment of experience, their attitudes hinting at some imminent dynamic that may or may not be revealed.  Unsworth attempts to give visual form to essences about people and places – more readily sensed or felt than actually seen.  They are archaeologies of time and place.  At the centre of his paintings there is a sense of the paranormal, threatening – and only tenuously placated by the rituals they call up and the order they instil.  Paul Ritchie, Novelist

This exhibition runs from 17th April 2019 through to and including Saturday 26th May 11am – 3pm (Shed is closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Unsworth’s paintings seem to deal with an event about to happen; something just outside the picture frame.  Sinister mise-en-scenes, they are painted in a disquietingly simple, pleasantly innocuous style.  This is the secret of their success.  Unsworth entices his viewers into each picture with a promise of innocence, only to hit them with a more disquieting meaning. His world is a world within a world.  Looking into one of these paintings – with their expanses of flat colour and intriguing, enigmatic narrative – can seem at times like standing at the very edge of infinity.

Peter Unsworth was born in 1937.  He studied at Middlesbrough School of Art and St Martin’s London, where he taught in the last 60’s; also at Sheffield Art School.

Between 1965 – 1990 Peter had ten one man shows with the Piccadilly Gallery and has exhibited in Bologna, Milan, Brussels, Hamburg, Ibiza, Baden Baden and Dublin.

He also designed sets and costumes for the Royal Ballet Company between 1967 – 1970.

Peter and his wife and three children moved to Ibiza in 1971 and lived there for many years – returning to London and Norfolk in 1990.  They returned to Ibiza in 2002 for eight years and are now living in Tetbury.